Long Way To Rock


Long Way To Rock is established to share new and exiting music with the world. The name is inspired by the song Long Way To Rock by Spellbox.

Although this site is made for the love of music I would like to disclose the following:

  1. For some bands on this site I have helped the funding of their album through SellaBand. As an incentive for the funding I may receive revenue share from the SellaBand-funded album. A possible return on investment is however not my reason for funding (and not a realistic expectation).
  2. I may include an affiliate link to a product. If you purchase a product via my affiliate link I may receive a commission for referring you.

Onno Hoogendoorn

History of the website:

  • 2010.01.01 – Long Way To Rock 2.0. I decided to change the focus of the website to music videos. All old profile pages are deleted, but may be still available through Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  • 2007.02.26 – Website online
  • 2007.01.03 – Registered domain name longwaytorock.com